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So, like - does it take anyone else AN HOUR to get ready for bed? This is my nighttime routine.

1. Take out my contacts.

2. Clean my makeup brushes (I use the most awesome brush cleanser on the planet to spot-clean the brushes that were used for powder products and I shampoo and condition the brushes that were used for liquid or cream products. Once a week I shampoo and condition all the brushes that I used that week, powder products or not)

3. Floss and brush teeth.

4. Remove my makeup and wash my face.

5. Apply toner, Full of Grace serum, moisturizer and eye cream, in that order.

6. Apply Lemony Flutter to elbows and cuticles.

Seriously. Six steps, every night. ONE HOUR. Most of the time, I do everything but brush my teeth right as soon as I get home from work, if I'm not going anywhere, but on the occasions when I get home at 11, I don't really get to relax and unwind for a whole other hour after that. By the time I actually get into bed, it's like one in the morning! Gracious, but isn't easy being tidy.

What's going on, you guys? LJ is very quiet lately. Everyone's on Facebook or Pinterest (what the hell is that, anyway? I don't want to learn a whole new thing!) In my world, I've been reading, smoking, drinking many warm, caffeinated beverages and slinging soap. Business as usual.

In makeup news, I bought that fancy new magnetic nail polish. I'm excited to try it out, right now I've got the Sally Hansen stickers going on, which I'm also enjoying. I also temporarily lost my mind and dropped $55 on NARS Sheer Glow foundation because of all the amazing rave reviews. My philosophy is that I'm not going to be buying it every month or anything like that, one bottle of foundation lasts me like, two years. THIS IS A BARGAIN.



Mar. 13th, 2012 01:05 pm (UTC)
btw, my nightly regimen is maybe brushing teeth. Don't tell my mom.