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Sorry I cannot hear you I'm kinda bizzay

Oh, man. I almost had a heart attack tonight when I thought I lost my phone. I had put it into a different pocket in my bag after taking it out to show one of my girls my new whip-sound app (TOO MUCH BIG BANG THEORY), and by the time I got to Bloor to transfer trains, I noticed that THE DESIGNATED CELL PHONE POCKET was unzipped and empty. Ay-yi-yi!

At that point, the train I was transferring to showed up and I jumped on it rather than retracing my steps because I figured that if it did fall out, there was no way I was getting it back. Then of course, I was all, "Maybe I should buy an iPhone!" and was blissfully dreaming of all the instagram pictures I could take when I stumbled upon my phone in the Designated Bus Pass Pocket. So it goes.

It is March Break! Yuck. March Break is like... families. Parents who don't know what to do with their children, and wind up bringing them to the mall to run around like it's a damn summer camp. Also, everyone who works in the food court has quite obviously had just about enough of March Break and they're all taking it out on me. NO ONE HAS THEIR FRIENDLY PANTS ON.

Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day! I am wearing green socks with shamrocks on them (they have buckles at the top!), a floppy white and green shamrock hat and this makeup, except with all green eyeliner instead of green just at the bottom. Boss!

Secret of the Day: This week, I discovered that most people think they're getting amazing customer service if I just smile and make eye contact while I'm talking to them. I guess they're not used to that? Sort of sad, really.