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Oh, christ.

One of you is lying.

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Jaime California
31 August 1978
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Hi. I'm a dork. Also, I really like Dorothy Parker.

So I'm 33, I used to manage a record store and I'm pretty bitter. I watch a ton of movies and then post about it. I do this thing sometimes where I time my entries and go all Bridget Jones on your ass, so if that's annoying then you might want to skip those. I also tend to get really obsessed with random things and then post all these two-line entries. I like tea and cats and watching movies and knitting and most Discovery Channel programming. And I hardly ever leave my house.
Did I mention that I'm a dork?

I have this weird thing for Otis from House of 1000 Corpses. Yeah, I know.

iconhell/das_hydra is responsible for most of my funky icons.

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1920s, a clockwork orange, aggression, alice in wonderland, amadeus, angel, animal rights, anti-circus, anti-hunting, anti-meat, anti-vivisection, arms, beetlejuice, books, bridget jones, buffy the vampire slayer, burl in general, burly men, calvin and hobbes, catholic guilt, cats, cellar door, charles manson, creative writing, crispin glover, cute hats, dangerous liaisons, dave matthews band, david lynch, dogs!, dorothy allison, dorothy parker, edward gorey, eeeee! otis! eeeee!, everything but the girl, eye shadow, faith no more, fantasy, ffkoah, fiction, firefly, geeky computer games, glee, harry potter, hilarity, horror movies, house of 1000 corpses, iconhell, j.d. salinger, john hughes, k is for kate, k's choice, kissing stephen's head, labyrinth, legend, lip gloss, literature, lord of the rings, lush fresh handmade cosmetics, mac cosmetics, makeup, manic depression, marilyn manson, marilyn monroe, marion meade's research skills, meyerlemon's household cleaning tips, mickey and mallory, mike patton, money.success.fame.glamour., monty python, mr. bungle, multiple personality disorder, my so-called life, natural born killers, nirvana, novels, otis, otis kicking in doors, otis' backwards kick, otis/demonrapunzel, overwhelming manliness, paranoid schizophrenia, peter gabriel, philosophy, philosophy of time travel, pissing away my paycheque, poetry and prose, project vegan, psychology, pygmies with sharp sticks, randomness, rapunzel, reading voraciously, runningaroundsephorawithmyhandsabovemyhead, russell crowe, science fiction, shaved heads, shirley jackson, shivaree, short fiction, skinheads, small domestic pets, snakes on a plane, some kind of wonderful, system of a down, tattoos (especially my own), television without pity, testosterone, the devil's rejects, the nightmare before christmas, the princess bride, tim burton, tom waits, trailer trash, twin peaks, vegan, vegan cooking, vegan recipes, veganism, violence, virginia woolf, white zombie, writing, xena: warrior princess

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